A Open Letter to our friends and potential friends

Dear Friends,

With Thanksgiving just past it seems almost too obvious to start a letter requesting your financial support with my own expressions of thanks and gratitude. It crosses my mind that it may come across as cliché and I worry that it may sound insincere. And yet, when I think about the Camp Take Notice community gratitude and thanks are the first thoughts that come to mind.

 Being recently houseless myself I am deeply thankful to my friend who opened up her own house to me, creating not only a safe and dry place to live, but a true feeling of home. I am thankful for a closet filled with warm sweaters, a basket full of clean dry socks and a decent pair of shoes to protect my feet as Michigan turns cold and wet.  I am grateful for a car that gets my to a job not accessible on the bus line.

 Yet, what I find myself most aware of right now, is how very thankful I am for the Camp Take Notice (CTN) community itself: a community that mourns together, and celebrates together, that gratefully and graciously accepts what support and help I can offer, and gives so much in return. CTN is a community that truly enriches my own life. Friends who not only give rides to the airport, a listening ear, and share in problem solving, but who also fix my car so I can keep getting to work, help with pet care and other daily life challenges. Friends who will join me in working to make our larger community a better place – whether by sharing the food, blankets, and resources we have with others or by participating cleaning up roadways and churches.

 What a blessing it is to be part of the CTN community!

 Won’t you consider being a part of this community as well? We need your help and support. Although the camp does not have a physical location at this point there is still such a need.

There are still people sleeping outside who need tents, blankets, socks, coats, water,propane heaters, propane for those heaters, water, batteries…. the list goes on and on.  

Let me pause and back up a minute there to say again… there are still people sleeping outside. Evicting camp didn’t make the need go away, it just made it less visible. The fact that there are still people every night seeking a small bit of shelter under church overhangs, sleeping under bridges and in isolated spots around the county is a clear sign that a new camp is needed.

Additionally, with the physical community scattered after the eviction from the Wagner Road site… many removed from critical support services and meal programs bus tokens remain an important need.

But beyond these very real and time sensitive needs, when the time comes and the place presents itself to get a new camp up and running we will need to have the financial resources in place to move quickly. 

Simply put. The need is great, and your financial support is critical. It is just as critical now as it ever has been, perhaps even more so. 

Can you make a contribution today? Will you?  Your tax deductable donation can be mailed to:

MISSION 1327 White Street  Ann Arbor, MI 48104

 Or you can donate electronically via http://tentcitymichigan.org/

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           With deep appreciation,                        

Sheri Wander, For the MISSION board

 PS – In many of our faith traditions we are entering a time of year when folks enjoy giving gifts. Consider making a donation in the name of someone you love.  Let us know and we can send them a card. 



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