The team returns


The CTN Hurricane Relief Team at the tent city in New Jersey

The Camp Take Notice hurricane relief team returned to Washtenaw County Friday night tired and happy with the memories of new friends met, good work done, strengthened community bonds. Check back here soon for more reports from the individual team members as they share the stories of their work. In the mean time, enjoy a few more photos  from the team….

Ripping out wet drywall creates a huge amount of (very heavy) garbage. The CTN team came prepared with a trash bags, a van for hauling and a willingness to do some heavy lifting: The CTN Team was hosted by a tent community in Lakewood, New Jersey. The group was excited to see the innovate structures, heating systems and other creative ways the NJ campers made life a little more comfortable.  As CTN looks  to purchase land (you can help… contact us if you’d like to make a donation!) and set up a new camp here I am sure we will make use of what we learned in Lakewood!

boxwood stove inside a tent and the view from outside


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