When we’re not busy in New Jersey…

A pause in the updates from the crew in New Jersey to remind you a bit about Camp Take Notice and MISSION (the nonprofit that supports it.)…… 

Welcome to Camp Take Notice….

Camp Take Notice was a grassroots tent city of homeless people that resided  in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A democratic, self-governing tent community offers an alternative approach to the traditional government and private systems that provide shelter and basic resources for the homeless. CTN’s emphasis on community sets it apart from other services.  The idea is that this type of homegrown effort is necessary for sustainably meeting the needs of homeless individuals.

The community tent

In June of 2012 the camp was evicted from the (otherwise unused) parcel of land on which it had been located for a little over years.

Campers and supporters protested the eviction and the use of tax payer dollars to put up a fence to keep people out of the vacant property

(That site, now fenced off , is now unused and vacant.) While the physical community was scattered, the spirit of the community remains strong. ” Camp Take Notice in exile” (Former campers: some now in housing, some still living outside in more isolated situations ) come together weekly with supporters and other community members for weekly meals and meetings. In this way the community continues to: * support one another (one recent meeting included a wedding!)

A CTN Wedding

* to reach out to other homeless individuals in the area (particularly those living outside ) and provide physical support with such necessary items at tents, sleeping bags, propane, batteries etc. (see the “get involved” page for a list of current needs. ), as well as information and connections to services. * To search for (and raise money to purchase) property in order to host a new camp * To  connect  people with resources and to provide the space for homeless and homeful individuals to get to know one another, work on community service    projects together (such as the recent trip to Brick, New Jersey to help with hurricane relief. ) and support one another as community. MISSION, the nonprofit organization that supports Camp Take Notice was founded to be a partnership between homeless and “homeful” Washtenaw County residents collaborating to support self governing tent communities in Michigan. We recognize that outdoor itinerant shelter, such as tent cities, have persisted throughout America ‘s history, largely as collaborative grassroots solutions to socio-economic hardship. They do not go away by ignoring them, marginalizing them, or even prosecuting them, and in fact, provide a much needed service that deserves support.

interpretation in sign language is an important part of camp meetings

In other words, while the Camp Take Notice site is currently “in limbo”, the Camp Take Notice Community is alive and well! 

Folks can donate to this work by visiting https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_flow&SESSION=9-LrtRmrQpV9RMuAjv1NCSlonZ7X-2nayMYZ0BQG9TgRrTab5cNJB37TODe&dispatch=5885d80a13c0db1f8e263663d3faee8d0b7e678a25d883d0fa72c947f193f8fd



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