Some words from the CTN crew in NJ

A work in progress

From Glen:  “It is somewhat what I expected, but better. When I heard about the group we’d be volunteering with and that they served 1,00o meals in a day I thought it would be long lines of people and just dishing out food. But it has been so much more! It is much more intimate so we get a chance to know the people we are working with.  As far as the work goes, it is the type of work I expected Demolition and clean up. Ripping out dry wall, tearing out carpet, moving stuff.” Today (Monday) we were working gutting the bottom part of a house.  We also helped move a bunch of stuff from the attic and the garage. We worked with an elderly man and there were decades and generations worth of stuff. It triggered all kinds of memories for him. People have been very welcoming to us. When you are helping others without expecting in return you get lots of support and you feel good about yourself and everything.”

Alanzo, who worked with Glen added “we’re ripping out drywall and pulling up floors. Meeting nice people. There are nice people in NJ

A working lunch

Ryan, who spent time doing relief work in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina echoed the sentiments that it is going well: ” It’s  goin’ good. I’m  not surprised at the type of work, it’s what we did after Katrina. ”  When asked about the advantages of traveling with Camp Take Notice he said “the advantage to traveling w CTN is the transportation and getting me here. Also Having a smaller group to work with  and people who aren’t complete strangers is good.  There are a  lot of people here  with PTSD. They’ve been in a trauma.  As they struggle with what to keep and what  is damaged beyond saving it is mentally taxing.  We can support them and each other. Everyone here  has been so accepting of us. Not concerned if we’re homeless, just that we want to help.”

From Rachel: “It is amazing how people are working  together as a team. Today I worked with  Glenn and we served with Joe,  a 90 yr old man who has been sleeping in the car since his house is flooded. Joe  lives alone.  At first he was wary – not knowing us and wondering “who  are we?”. By later  today we were singing songs with  him and reminiscing. It is much more than  the physical work. It is also just being present.   ”


One response to “Some words from the CTN crew in NJ

  1. Hopefully, those Camp Take Notice folks will stay in Jersey. Good Luck.

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