A FB Post from our new friends at Brick Hurricane Relief

A personal Note: I wanted to join the CTN crew heading to NJ, but was unable to go due to commitments here. After offering support during the prep and packing I’ve been “living vicariously” through them w/ daily phone calls in order to update the blog and such. Hearing how impressed the group is with the amazing folks at Brick Hurricane Relief I was particularly moved to read the following message posted by Brick Hurricane Relief organizers on their Facebook page:

“I want to tell you about our missionaries. All I knew is that they were from Michigan, organized by an artist group. They insisted on staying at tent city( homeless community 15 minutes from here, you should check it out on YouTube or in person, it’s humbling ) and I could not understand why at first. But after meeting them and hearing their stories , we get it…… Some of them are from the homeless community in Michigan( camp Take Notice)They raised money, not to build homes for them, but to come help us with ours. I have never been so moved in my life. Thank you is not enough to express the gratitude to these men and women for their selfless act.”

I am really proud of my CTN community, who in spite of challenges and struggles seem to embody the concept of  “ubuntu” a concept taught to me by a friend from South Africa, loosely meaning “I am because we are.”

Patti (Brick organizer) along with Caleb enjoy a meal at the tent city in NJ


4 responses to “A FB Post from our new friends at Brick Hurricane Relief

  1. It has been a pleaseure and a life lesson working with your group. Thank you for all the help and for teaching us what humanitarianism really means…..

  2. If they’re an “artist group, let’s see the art.

  3. Yep, not sure where “an artist group” came from. Still, appreciate the love and kind words from our new friends.

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