A Report from the road

After a long drive the Camp Take Notice gang heading to New Jersey reached the half-way point and stopped for the night. According to Peggy L. The group stayed that first night at 1st Baptist Church in DuBois, PA.  One of the camp supports contacted the church by guessing a half way point and just making cold calls. Upon hearing of our work, the church leadership graciously offered to put us… a group of strangers…up for the night.

The group got in at 9 PM and pastor was there to meet them gang.  He opened up the church and pretty much said said “here you are, make yourself at home,” providing the group not only with a safe dry place to sleep, but also showers and a gymnasium to stretch and play after many hours in a crowed car. Peggy L, MISSION board president who is traveling with the group noted  ” the whole hearted hospitality to a group they had never met was beautiful and amazing.”

John unwinds before bed

After a good sleep the CTN gang drove the rest of the way and arrived in Brick around diner time and were amazed at the relief effort there. A few people in a local neighborhood who looked around and said “something is not right, someone needs to do something. So we will.”  And they have!

An amazing group and an amazing effort = amazing stuff done!   

The CTN group arrived around dinner time and were fed a meal prepared by local families in a local club.  After dinner and getting to know those they will be working with they headed to the tent city where they will be staying during their time in New Jersey.

Again, the hospitality was overwhelming as this group of homeless men and women greeted the CTN folks and shared their space, food, propane, heaters, sleeping bags and friendship with the arrivals from Ann Arbor.  The CTN folks are looking forward to getting to know folks there better and learning about their tent city model, which is somewhat different from CTN.

On Sunday AM the CTN folks split up into teams and headed out w/ volunteers from Brick Relief to tear out drywall, repair what they could and help locals with the heart wrenching work of going through destroyed possessions.


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