And they’re off

Ten members of the Camp Take Notice Community headed out Friday AM to volunteer their time and talents doing Hurricane Relief Work in New Jersey.

NJ bound travelers and supporters gather before heading off

The group will be working with Brick Hurricane Relief. (See Press Release and Previous blog entries for background.) The group begin preparing Wednesday night with the first of 2 mandatory training/orientation sessions.  A second session was held on Thursday.

Glenn does some last minute packing

Friday AM was a rush of activity; a healthy breakfast, picking up vans and last minute supplies, packing up the vans etc. Those traveling and supporters who came to help pack up the vans and send the group off were in good spirits and talked about their reasons for going as they joked and laughed and worked together.

Tools set for packing

listening to last minute logistics

John L. Noted  he believes “this is a time when now, more than ever, we need to help each other out. Camp Take Notice and MISSION have made it clear that opportunities to help others is what life is all about”

John and Rachel pause from their preparations for a photo and to talk about why they are going.

Rachelle, another traveler also noted; “Being a part of a team of people from all walks of life is very beautiful for me. When people serve together they know each other in ways that could never happen otherwise. Working alongside the homeless of Ann Arbor to serve the ‘home-lost’ of New Jersey is humbling. I am very blessed to be a part of this team.”

Tracy W, who was unable to travel with the group this time around due to a prior commitment none the less attended the orientation sessions, contributed tips from this own experiences, and spent hours helping the group organize and pack.  He commented, “I hope the best for the group. I wish I could go.  It’s a good thing to do and I enjoy that kind of work. I love to get my hands dirty.”

John along w/ supporters Alan and Tracy


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